18 June, 2024

Murphy R. – MetaRepertory – 4. Edition


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The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory has already overtaken the other big repertories in the USA. It has the advantage of a simple alphabetic structure that makes it easy to use, so that even beginners can quickly find what they are looking for. Many homeopaths have confirmed that it is handy and practical – they say it is now the only work they use. It is just as comprehensive as the other big repertories (over 2.300 remedies).
It also contains new clinical rubrics such as Ebola, ADHD, chronic fatigue und multiple sclerosis.
The Clinical Repertory contains 74 alphabetically arranged chapters. For example, it is no longer necessary to know whether stomach comes before airways. New overarching chapters were created: as sample: Glands including axillary glands; pancreas …

In addition, Murphy created completely new chapters that are very valuable in practice:
– Vaccinations – types and side effects
– Children including development and behavior
– Clinical chapter, including blood, diseases, tissue, nerves, emergencies, and pathology
– Constitution including professions, bodily build, complexion, temperament
– Cancer including chemotherapy, organs, and radiation disease
– Pregnancy including misbirth, fetus, birth, labor, childbed
– Poisoning including alcohol, chemicals, drugs, medications, and tobacco
– Time including seasons, periodicity, hours, times of day.
The alphabetical sequence makes it easier to find symptoms within a chapter. To find “pulsating pains”, for example, the reader no longer needs to know whether to look in pain qualities or modalities. Nor is it necessary to search through the large rubric “Pains” – it can be found directly at “pulsating pains.”
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